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Decorations are a part of the festivities for this harvest festival. People believe that the legendary King Mahabali visits the state on this day and so the homes should be neat and decorated.

Onam Decorations

The harvest festival of Onam is celebrated with great zeal. People of Kerala wait for the festivity to get involved very eagerly. It is because of the opportunity that this festival provides to reconnect with their friends and acquaintances. Onam decorations are usually part of traditional home decor during this festival. It is believed by the people of Kerala that King Mahabali visits every Malayali household on the day of Onam. And so, to welcome the legendary king, the people there make sure that their houses are neat and wonderfully decorated. The cleaning and decoration process begins few days before the gala day, so that the spirit of their King doesn't return back disappointed. The homes are decked beautifully with Rangolis or Pookalams. Flowers too have a great significance in the festival of Onam. Each day new flowers are added to the Pookalam and by the tenth day it takes a massive shape, which enhances the beauty of the front courtyard of homes. Mentioned below are some of the home decor ideas for the occasion of Onam.

Onam Decoration Ideas
  • Flowers, from any Indian festival, are inseparable and Onam is no exception. If anything, flowers are the most important home décor theme for Onam because, being a harvest festival having divine connection, fresh flowers have an intrinsic connection with it.
  • Apart from Pookalam, the floral mat that is laid on the front courtyard with which the people of Kerala decorate their homes in the welcome of sacred spirit of King Mahabali, one can even use beautiful garlands to decorate the entrance of the homes.
  • You can beautify the images of idols with floral garlands.
  • Decorate the walls with the roses and marigolds. Wrap the jasmine and marigold floral garlands around the pillars in the house.
  • You can also do up your living room and bed room by placing fresh aromatic flowers in a vase. Or may be placing a bowl with floating rose petals on the centre table to enhance the beauty of the home.
  • A fruit basket with some varieties of fruits can be kept on the dining table, so that the guests can enjoy having them along with the meal. Place the new designer mats that go with the home décor as per the feel of the festival.
  • Onam decorations are complete only if there’s addition of light to it. Make it a point to light brass or earthen oil lamps on the steps of your house during evenings. This will not only make the entrance look beautiful, but also prepare your home to warmly welcome the spirit of the King.
  • You can even beautify your walls with the masks worn by Kathakali dancers. The ethnic touch to your home will surely act as the icing on the cake of festive mood. Hang the bright and flashy ones on the light coloured walls, it will enhance the prettiness.
  • One can also decorate the house with streamers and colourful balloons, with a message wishing everyone a happy Onam.
  • Hanging wind chime can also be considered, as the pleasant music it will produce will spread vibrancy in the home.