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Sweets are inseparable part of every celebration. Here, read about different types of sweets which you can send to your loved ones this Onam.

Onam Sweets

Onam is one of the most popularly known harvest festivals, celebrated in Kerala. It is rejoiced in the Malayalam month of Chingam (mid of August or start of September). During this time, snake boat race, which is called Vallamkali, and other exciting games are organised, music and dances are performed, and women decorate their houses by making Pookalam in front of them. It is also believed that this festival is celebrated in the memory of King Mahabali, who on this day visits his state Kerala and his subjects. On the last day, Thiruvonam, grand feast is organised and after the celebrations, people exchange gifts and warm wishes with their near and dear ones. Besides this, exchange of sweets is also very significant part of Onam celebrations. Here, there is a variety of sweets and according to your choice you can send them to your relatives and friends residing in any part of India or abroad.

Sweet Gifts For Onam

Coconut Katli or Laddu
Laddu is one of the very popular sweets which are mainly prepared on the occasion of Onam. It is made of dry and grated coconut, semolina, almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, cardamom powder, condensed milk, and sugar. These are either in the form of barfi or laddu covered with edible silver foil.

Kaju Katli
Barfi-rhombus shaped and decorated with edible silver foil-is also a very famous Indian sweet which is suitable for every festive occasion, including the auspicious festival of Onam. It can be sent to your relatives and friends on the auspicious occasion of Onam. It is made of cashew nuts, sugar, cardamom powder and water. Although a little expensive, it is one of the most preferred sweets to gift anyone.

Sohan Papdi
Sohan Papdi is also another popular sweet which is gifted during the festive season to the loved ones. Most of the people choose this sweet to give on the occasion of Onam as it can be stored for a longer time. It is made of gram flour, maida (refined flour), ghee, sugar, milk, cardamom powder, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and water melon seeds. The texture of Sohan Papdi is very crispy and flaky, and is square in shape with light yellow or cream colour.

Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun is a sweet which is popular all over the India and is loved by everyone. It is made up of mawa (khoya), chenna (Indian cottage cheese), refined flour (maida), sugar, ghee, cardamom powder, and soda bicarbonate. The balls are made from the dough of these ingredients and then are dipped into sugar syrup. This is very tasty and is one of the preferred sweets which can be gifted to the loved ones on the occasion of Onam.

Bengali Rasgullas
Bengali Rasgullas is another most preferred sweet which is not only tasty and famous in West Bengal but all over the country on every festival. These soft, white balls dipped in sugar syrup are made from Indian cottage cheese (chenna), refined flour (maida), sugar and water. This Onam, send them through this online gift portal to your near and dear ones on residing in different cities of India and the world.

Other Sweets
In addition to these sweets, there are many other lip-smacking sweets which can be gifted on the auspicious occasion of Onam to your relatives and friends. You can gift Karachi Halwa, Kaju Kalinga, Green Cream Fruit Barfi, Mango Pedas, Pista (pistachio) Halwa, Rose Barfi, Motichoor Laddu, Chocolate Barfi, etc. on the festive occasion of Onam.