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Jewellery items make for memorable gifts, whatever be the occasion. Read to know more Onam jewellery gift ideas and send them to your beloved residing anywhere in the world.

Onam Jewellery Gifts

Onam is one of the significant festivals celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala, which attracts people from all over India due to the activities which takes place during this festive occasion. On this festival, people clean their houses and decorate them by making beautiful rangolis and Pookalam (made of flowers). It is believed that on this day, King Mahabali visits his state and subjects. Thus, this festival shows the peaceful rule of the King and the freedom with which people lived during his reign. In addition to this, Onam signifies the richness and prosperity of the state. On the tenth day of the celebration, traditional rituals are performed and a grand feast called as Onasadya is organised. The festive time becomes more special as during this time people exchange gifts and to gift someone, nothing can be much special and appealing than jewellery items. You can gift men and women both, the jewellery presents as a token of love and regard. Read to know more about jewellery gift ideas for Onam.

Onam Jewellery Gift Ideas

Chains & Pendants
Planning to gift something very unique and stylish to your cousin or friend on the occasion of Onam? Then, what are you waiting for, select a beautiful and trendy chain with a small and classy pendant and send it to them. This will surely bring smile on their face and will also add great emotional value to your relation. You can either pick a gold chain, a silver chain or a chain of black metal. This gift is suitable for both men and women.

Earrings are another best gift for girls and today, some men too prefer wearing earrings (in at least one ear). You can pick silver, gold or metal earrings which are trendy and elegant and also which will suit the personality of the person, to whom you are gifting. Your dear ones will be really pleased to receive such a beautiful gift along with warm wishes of Onam.

Stone Studded Necklace
Women are very fond of jewellery; upon receiving, it brings a lovely smile on their face. Send a stone studded necklace together with a matching pair of earrings, to your lovely sister or friend on the festive occasion of Onam and express love and affection towards her. This gift of yours will make her feel important and happy on the already joyous occasion of Onam.

Bangles can also be gifted to your dear ones on Onam as a token of love. You can either gift pearl bangles, stone studded bangles, or a single broad bangle which can go along with any attire. Besides these, you can also gift silver, black metal or colourful and trendy glass bangles. This piece of jewellery attracts women a lot and they'll just be head over heels upon receiving them as an Onam gift.

Gifting rings suit men as well as women. You can pick gold, silver, diamond or a black metal ring. There are beautiful and stylish stone studded black metal and silver rings available here which will undeniably allure the person to whom you are thinking to gift. Apart from being a pretty gift of the celebration of Onam, it will add an unforgettable memory.

These days there is a fashion of wearing bracelets and thus, it is a trendy option to send it as a gift to your dear ones. You can either go for a silver stone studded bracelet, pearl bracelet, beaded brass bracelet, colourful stones bracelet, etc. Also, you can get the name engraved on the bracelet of your loved one, to whom you are going to gift it on the auspicious occasion of Onam.

Other Jewellery Items
Besides earrings, bracelets, bangles, etc. there are some other exciting jewellery items which can be gifted during the festive time of Onam. It includes designer silver, stone studded or gold anklet, brooch pins, etc. These jewellery items can express the heartfelt sentiment which cannot be expressed in words.