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Handbag and wallets are among the most preferred gifts to be gifted to your loved ones on the auspicious occasion of Onam. Click to know in detail about what all we have on offer.

Onam Handbag & Wallets Gifts

Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, symbolises rich and prosperous state of Kerala and the unity among the people. It is believed that on this day King Mahabali visits his realm and subjects. Thus, people with great harmony celebrate this festival by decorating their houses, making beautiful and grand Pookalams, organising Vallamkali i.e. snake boat race and a grand feast, Onasadya, on the last day of Onam which is known as Thiruvonam. On this day, people also exchange gifts and convey their warm wishes to each other. The exchange of gifts helps in making the moments memorable and full of happiness. For this, hand bags and wallets will be the perfect gift as they are used and preferred largely by both women and men respectively. A good handbag and wallet will definitely go a long way in making routine easy for your relative or friend. What are you waiting for then? Read about what all we have in store for you, select and send and we will deliver it on time to the recipient with the heartiest of your Onam wishes.

Onam Handbag & Wallet Gift Ideas

Handbag Gift Ideas
Clutches are in fashion these days and they are much preferred type of handbag for any occasion, event or shopping. They are available in stylish and trendy looks and even complement the party look. These clutches add elegance to the personality and a person can carry all the essentials required for the party. So, if you are thinking to give a beautiful gift to your sister on the occasion of Onam then go for it.

Tote is another option and is the most versatile. It is spacious, purposeful, yet trendy enough to make other bags jealous. You can take it to the class, gym, shopping, picnic, or during the time of travelling. Gift it to your friend or relative on Onam who loves to carry a branded tote. No doubt, tote is very comfy and stylish.

Shoulder Bag
Shoulder bag, the most preferred type of handbag is carried by every woman. It is not only a style statement but is very useful as you can carry it anywhere and also, it suits every occasion and place. Here, you will get the latest designs of handbags in different sizes. So, without thinking much, gift it your sister or friend, sending her warm wishes of Onam.

These days, pocketbook is very much in fashion and is available in various brands and in different patterns. It is a neither a bag for big things like books, bottle etc, nor it fits in the pocket. It is used for travel purposes, to carry bills, notes, money, etc. You can gift to your friend or cousin on Onam and it will also come in your budget. This gift of yours will really be praised by her.

Hobo Bag
Thinking to gift something very simple, elegant yet classy to your younger sister on the festive occasion of Onam then you can opt for a nice hobo bag. It will come in your budget and will be a very beautiful Onam gift for her.

Wallet Gift Ideas
  • Wallet is the most essential accessory for men and guys. It can easily fit into their trouser’s pocket and can also be carried in hand. So, this is the best gift which you can gift it to your near and dear ones on Onam.
  • These days in the market, the wallets are available in different styles including bi-fold and tri-fold and are made of leather, metal fabric, etc. For keeping in the pockets, these wallets are very famous and in these, you can keep money, credit cards and small paper notes. The wallets are available in very trendy and classy styles in the market, perfect to gift to your brother or guy friend.
  • If you are planning to give a wallet on the occasion of Onam to your brother then the three-fold wallet will be the best one. It has six compartments including one for keeping coins, four for storing credit cards, license or identity card and a larger space for currency.
  • Another option is a currency wallet, the one which has a compartment with zipper to keep coins, other compartment to keep identity card, license or other important notes, six compartments to keep credit cards and two big compartments to keep currency. This is good for giving it your brother or a friend on the festive time of Onam.
  • There is a unisex wallet which can be used by both men and women and it has two compartments for keeping currency, one to keep license or identity cards, a back pocket to keep coins and also there are other pockets which can be used for keeping other cards, important notes, etc. So, this is suitable to give it your near and dear ones and wishing them on the occasion of Onam.