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Onam Gifts

A gift is to a festival is what a dessert is to a feast. Not that the feast wasn't any good, but a lip smacking dessert in the end always proves to be an icing on the cake (pun intended) and brings the feasty-ness to a grand culmination. Similarly, it's not that a festival, of the epic scale of Onam with its Pookalams, Snake Boat Races, and Onasadya isn't fulfilling, it's just that a gift in the end (or whenever as you please) always sky-rockets the merriment and fun of festivities to a new sky-high level. Naturally, anticipations for the gifts on the pious occasion of Onam propel one and all. Why not then, by exchanging gifts during the festival, be happy and make your loved ones happy too, and spread the good cheers throughout?

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